ICNA Relief Refugee Youth Learn New Skills

Refugee youth face many challenges. Leaving their home country for a new, strange land; learning a new language; adjusting to a different culture; all while struggling to make friends and fit in. Oftentimes, all these challenges overwhelm the youth and difficulties in school quickly surface. ICNA Relief’s Refugee Facilitation program seeks to attend to the whole child, so academics is just one part of a larger puzzle where these students need our guidance and support. A good education is the key to success, so it’s important that our refugee youth get the help they need to excel.
ICNA Relief’s Refugee Facilitation Program is helping refugee students learn new skills and rise to their true potential! This volunteer-led program offers academic tutoring to over 100 refugee students every month. With 20 dedicated volunteers working with the children each week, we are beginning to see a real difference, masha’Allah. The students are working harder, smiling bigger, and are more motivated and engaged than ever. Through the gentle, but creative, guidance of their tutors, we are seeing big improvements in critical thinking skills, as the students are introduced to new, innovative strategies to solving problems in their coursework.
We look forward to seeing how the students continue to progress, insha’Allah, as their confidence continues to build and new skills are developed.