Mental Health Support
Since most of the refugees go through a lot of trauma and hardship before they arrive here they
will definitely need mental health care. Our counselors start their job by visiting the new arrivals
and listen to their problems and design a special program to fit their situation. Some families
need one to one sessions while others can attend general sessions.

Entrepreneurship Program
(Tools for handyman, sewing machines, kitchen utensils, etc.)
“Give a man a fish and you feed him a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a
One of the most important projects that ICNA RELIEF does is helping the refugees to start their
own businesses and become self-sufficient. In the past few years we distributed over 100
sewing machines to several families, we bought hair salon furniture for several refugee ladies,
we helped them start several catering service, we offered tools for handymen to start painting
business and others to start mowing business, we offered supplies to several teachers to start
tutoring. We also advertise their businesses.
Our plan is to keep providing the refugees with the tools they will need to achieve their dreams
and have their own businesses.


Vehicle Donation
In the past years ICNA RELIEF showed amazing work with the car donation. In 2016 over 60
cars had been donated to the refugees. Before we hand the key to the refugees we test the car
fix what needs to be fixed, change the oil, clean the car, buy an insurance and then we give it to
them. By providing refugees with cars we give them a head start to a new life and more opportunities
to find a job. Transporting families to Masjids, doctors appointments etc


Emergency financial assistance
As everyone knows the amount of money the government give for the refugees is too small,
they use it to pay the rent and bills plus they use it to pay for furniture and food. ICNA RELIEF
help the refugees with furniture and food to save the money for the rent and bills but sometimes
the financial situation for some refugees get complicated and they can’t pay their rent and bills
and they receive a notice of eviction. In this case ICNA RELIEF help them pay the amount and
keep them safe inside their apartments. Every mouth ICNA RELIEF approve tens of financial
assistance applications.

Document translation
Everyday ICNA RELIEF teams help the refugees with translation. From documents translation
to accompany them to important appointments (doctors, school, job interviews, etc) we help
them get the information they need.

Food and groceries
Throughout our 17 food pantries we distribute thousands of pounds of food every week to the
refugees. Before the arrival of the families ICNA RELIEF team fill the pantries and the fridges for them,
then we register them in the food pantry so they can come and collect food when they need it.
We give food depends on the severe of the case and the size of the family.
ICNA Relief approached the community for help through various means. School Students,
Family groups, Islamic Centre members, Local refugee members started getting involved in
volunteering at the food pantry and in collecting food to fill the pantries.

Winter Apparel and clothes
In the beginning of September ICNA RELIEF teams start the campaigns for winter clothes,
shoes and blankets. We collect the brand new clothes from our donors then separate them into
different ages group and then go distribute them between the refugees with the blankets. Most
of the time students from different schools sponsor this project. Last year ICNA RELIEF
distributed winter clothes and blankets to over 1000 refugee families.

Key contacts
Hala Halabi – 972 977 6304
Khalid Iqbal – 571 606 2965
Leila Elfane –

Emergency Numbers
321-458-8295  |  225-650-3922