Sponsor a refugee family
$1000 monthly to help a single mother with rent and food
$400-$500 monthly donations to help a family with rent and food
$500 case management
$300 monthly to help with food and cleaning & hygiene supplies
$200 monthly to help with food

Become a Mentor
ICNA Relief has chapters all over the US and Refugee families looking for friendship. It can be anything from a monthly social visit, to helping them learn that generic and bulk groceries are cheaper than brand name. To learn what mentoring involves, sign up today.


Key contacts
Hala Halabi – 972 977 6304
Khalid Iqbal – 571 606 2965
Leila Elfane – lelfane@icnarelief.org

Emergency Numbers
321-458-8295  |  225-650-3922