The goal of the program “Half Way House” is to facilitate the revert incarcerated inmates who are released from the county jails and state prisons. This program will help make them as a good Muslims, regain the self respect, become a honorable citizen of the society and stand on their own.


To provide a pristine & safe environment, ICNA Relief Dallas started this “Halfway House” program on August 20th 2010. ICNA funded, remodeled and furnished a house on Hwy 12, South Dallas for this program. This “Half Way House” provides shelter, food, job assistance, transportation and Islamic education to all the inmates under this program. This house has the capacity to take in 8 inmates given at a time. Since the inception of this project, this house has helped 46 inmates.

Tarbiyah & Ta’aleem

This project is lead by Abdus Samad, an expert of 40 years in Prison/Jail outreach and support, he provides counseling along with our outreach manager Mohammed Tariq. A pool of ICNA volunteers visits on regular basis to provide educational services to the inmates of this House.


Currently, the monthly expenses incurred for this program is $3500/= per month. Our aim is to continue provide help and shelter to the newly released revert inmates during their transition period, and return them back to the society as a better citizen and a good Muslim.

Volunteers willing to help can contact Mohammed Tariq (214) 680-9561