Food Drives

ICNA Relief Dallas team has been conducting regular food drive, to fulfill the needs of the poor & needy families across DFW metroplex. Food collected is stored in the ICNA Food Pantry. Through volunteers on every Saturday the donated food items gets weighed, stacked in proper aisles.

This food gets uniformly distributed among the poor & needy families who visit our food pantry every Sunday once a month based on their family needs.


Among the needy families, there are refugees from various parts of the world, families who are between jobs, families with little children, Muslim sisters who are currently residing in women’s shelters, Recently revert Muslim inmates released from state prisons & county jails, fellow Americans undergoing drug rehabilitation program seek benefit from these food drives.


Please donate your Zakat & Sadaqa money for this noble project. We also accept Haqeeqah & Sadaqa meat.

For food donation, please contact Br. Zahid Hussain, 214 298 5857