ICNA Relief Dallas has been actively involved in “Feed The Hungry” program from past 7 years. The basic agenda behind this program to provide food to the homeless people who are more in numbers across DFW metroplex. Currently we are conducting this program at two different venues.

Our first venue is at Masjid Al Islam, situated in South Dallas downtown at 2604 S. Harwood St. Dallas, TX 75215, where food gets distributed twice a month. ICNA families living in Richardson and Murphy get involve in this program once a month consecutively. ICNA sisters prepare rice & chicken enough to serve 250 individuals, which gets picked up by the assigned ICNA brothers from a prescribed location. Along with these food items, ICNA volunteers also purchase 250 water bottles & fruits, say bananas to serve along the food.

Along with the lead volunteers at least 3 more volunteers with their family members take part in this event

ICNA’s lead volunteer arrives with food and other items at 10 AM at the venue, food plates are prepared and at 10:30 AM food starts getting distributed to the awaiting homeless people. . Upon request “To Go” boxes are also provided to the homeless people.

Second venue where this program is executed is in Fort Worth downtown area. ICNA families living in Irving take part here. Food gets prepared at “Texas King” restaurant, which is picked by the assigned lead volunteer along with water bottles and fruits to be distributed to the homeless people. Volunteers get involved in this program along with their children and family members, thus making this as a family participation.

The whole distribution takes 2 hours to finish, and we end up serving 250 hungry homeless people.

Interested volunteers can contact Br. Obaid Siddiqui (408 821 3824) to become a part of this noble program.